XSLTRender is a small, opensource and free program that render (or transform) an xml document with a xslt document into one or more documents.

2 xml / xslt engines
It has two build in xml / xslt engines. The native .NET xml / xslt engine and the Saxon xml / xslt engine. The .NET engine only renders xslt 1, where the Saxon engine renders xslt 2 (and probaly also xslt 1).

Easy to use GUI
All you need to do is to
• Choose an xml file
• Choose an xslt file
• Choose a output directory
 • Choose the main output file
• Choose wich engine to use
....and you are good to go

>> Download free XSLTRender msi installer file

>> Download XSLTRender sourcefiles
(You need to add the saxon .net dlls)
>> Go to the Saxon page