PDF Booklet Creator create an booklet pdf from a ordinary pdf , for you to print, fold and fix in the back. PDF Booklet Creator reorders the pages so the order of the pages are correct in the booklet and changes the size og the new pdf document to have two pages on each sheet. PDF Booklet Creator makes its very easy to create an impossed pdf.

Different layout of the booklet
When you create your booklet pdf, you can choose between book layout and calender layout, for your new pdf booklet.

The pdf booklet creator is made for windows, and uses the .NET framework 3.5. If you don't have that installed, you have to get it from one of the Microsoft sites.

PDF Booklet creator is free to use and download
If you just want to use this program to create your booklets just download the .msi file for instalation on windows computers. If you want to see or use the code, download the sourcefiles.

Instalations file
Download BookletCreator.msi >>

Source download
Download the full project >>

Link to pdfSharp website >>