Multi server upload is small desktop ftp and sftp client for uploading files to multiple servers, through ftp or sftp. It is very handy if you need to upload one or more files to many different servers.

Many ftp or sftp servers
You can upload to as many servers you want to, and you can have different setups for each server. You do, however, have to have the same folder structure for the part of the server where your files are going to be uploaded to.

Many files
You set it up to upload as many files as you want. The structure of the files have to be the same as the structure that the files has on the server.

Save your project
You can save your project and have many different projects to make it easy to upload different set of files.You can open a project the usual way by doubleclick on the projectfile.

Easy to use GUI
Multi Server Upload has an easy to use GUI.

Both ftp and sftp
It supports ftp (normal or passive mode) and sftp. The ftp is based on the internally .net library, and the sftp is based on SharpSSH library.

Free downloads

>> Download the free Multi Server Upload msi

>> Download the Multi Server Upload source code