I have created a couple of plugins for FlashDevelop. To use the source code you have to download the FlashDevelop source.
>> FlashDevelop

To use one of theese plugins you have to unzip the plugin and put in the plugin folder of FlashDevelop.

Trace remove
This FlashDevelop plugin remove or outcomment all the trace commands in the project. It only remove trace if there is no code before the trace, and only if the trace command is in one line. You can choose to remove the trace commands or just out comment them from the settings.

It is stil a beta, so my advice is to be a little carefull, and to take a backup before you use it on a large scale project, since it can ruin your code.
>> Download plugin
>> Download source

UTF-8 update
This FlashDevelop plugin changes the file encoding to utf-8. This plugin is handy if you use StarUML which create files with ascii encoding.
>> Download plugin
>> Download source

Ortelius shortcut
This FlashDevelop plugin creates a shortcut from FlashDevelop to Ortelius - an actionscript documentation generator tool, to make the task of creating documentation of your ascript code even easier.
>> Get it here